There's something about growing fruit trees that makes you think about life in a special way.  Unlike
    other forms of agriculture, we may tend the same trees for a lifetime.  It's easy to see when you're
    doing the right thing, because the trees look good.  Figuring out what the right things are, though, is
    truly a life's work -- you never know enough, and learn something new every day.  We are blessed
    that we have the privilege of engaging in such an interesting lifestyle.

    We are horticulturists.  We grow fruit trees and manage them so that they produce the exceptional
    quality citrus that can only be achieved in Florida.  At the same time, we safeguard the environment.  
    Some of our specific accomplishments are:

    BMP’s -- We have provided leadership in the development of “Best Management Practices” (BMP’s) to
    improve the
    sprayers, "Open Hydroponics".

    Organic Production Practices -- In a select few of the groves we manage, we employ certified
    organic production practices.  We also apply these same practices to our conventional properties
    since organic production relies on maintenance of functional, integrated natural systems.

    IPM -- We employ Integrated Pest Management, which is a holistic approach to crop production that
    relies on natural parasites and predators.  

    Water Conservation – We design, install, and manage irrigation systems on thousands of acres of
    citrus.  We have developed a highly intensive, technology-driven approach to irrigation that utilizes
    automated irrigation system controllers and devices that monitor the weather and soil moisture

    Land Use Innovations – We are providing leadership through the Indian River Citrus League’s Rural
    Lands Committee to develop new ways to approach urban settlements in a rural countryside that
    includes agriculture as a permanent, sustainable landscape component.  

    We believe that things can be done the right way, with due regard for the environmental
    consequences, while producing a safe, delicious, and appealing product.  Everything we do is
    transparent – anyone can visit our groves at any time and see how we apply this philosophy.  We
    believe that we are on the cutting edge of development and deployment of many measures to
    protect the environment while achieving economic viability.  

    We respect the land and assets of our grove care customers, the health of the consumers that enjoy
    our products, the safety of our employees, and the quality of the environment.  Ultimately, we just
    think that it’s the right way to do things.
Environmental Policy

    Pete and Cindy Spyke, owners
    of Arapaho Citrus Management
    and The Orange Shop, received
    the 2006 Arapaho Citrus
    Management and The
    Conservationist of the Year
    Award by the St. Lucie Soil and
    Water Conservation District for
    their efforts to develop
    environmentally-friendly citrus
    growing practices, and better
    urban development practices.

    Pete and Cindy Spyke, owners of ,
    owners of Arapaho Citrus Management
    and The Orange Shop, along with
    partners Buddy & Robbie Johnson and
    Lane Brown received the "CARES"
    Award from Florida Farm Bureau for
    exemplary application of Best
    Management Practices to improve water
    quality in the Indian River Lagoon.