Arapaho Agricultural Services Tree Planting and Young Tree Care
    Arapaho Agricultural Services believes that the long-term productivity of a citrus grove
    begins with the day the trees are planted.  We have trained, experience crews that
    plant citrus, windbreak trees, and palms extensively in Florida.  They're fast, and
    ensure that the roots are distributed properly in well-watered holes.  Usually, we can
    combine planting with installing poly tubing and microsprinklers to save money over
    performing the tasks separately.

    After the trees are planted, Arapaho can also assist with young tree care.  We can
    install and remove wraps, sprout, spray, and fertilize the trees by piece rate or hourly.

    Richard Chandler manages the planting and young tree care crews.  Richard has the
    rare talent of being able to work crews in a way that cares for them as people while
    achieving maximum productivity.  He's been working in the area for almost 30 years, so
    he's familiar with most groves and growing areas.

    If you hire Arapaho for your tree planting and young tree care needs, you can be
    assured of a safe, quality job at a competitive price.  And, your trees will grow off
    faster as well!